DW Screening: U.N.I.T.! “The Claws of Axos” & “The Power of Three”

This month our theme screening is U.N.I.T., that intrepid band led by the immortal (well, he is now) Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart!  Our Classic story is 1971’s “The Claws of Axos”:

Inhabitants of an organic spaceship arrive and offer the world a solution to all its problems…only to be revealed as a vampiric force that threatens to suck the world dry as the Third Doctor and U.N.I.T. are drawn into battle with The Master. 

We’re also watching “The Power of Three”:

The Eleventh Doctor, Amy and Rory face an invasion of millions of black cubes that appear overnight. This story marks the introduction of Kate Stewart, U.N.I.T.’s scientific advisor and the daughter of Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart …and features the greatest final shot in Who history!

What you should know about this screening:

• Bring $5 for pizza and drinks/snacks/desserts to share

• We have cats. They will be locked up, but if you have allergies, beware.

No-show/late drop out rules for screenings is in effect (late drop outs will be suspended from attending the next screening

See you there!

TRTLoOC Spring 2015 Fundraiser

The Time Lords of Orange County need your help for this year’s events! Since we do not require membership dues, we depend on donations from our members to help us fund our events.

This donation raffle fundraiser will run until April 30.

How does this work?

$1 will get you 1 entry into the donation raffle. You can donate at any of our events during this time or donate online through PayPal (bisforbee(at)live(dot)com – make sure to include your Meetup name!). Contact Benita through Facebook or Meetup if you have any questions.

When we hit a set goal of money donated, a name will be drawn for the prize that was unlocked for the level. (For example, when we hit $25, a Jack Harkness felt doll will be raffled!) If you win, you will be contacted either through Meetup or Facebook.

As we hit goals, a new prize will be unlocked! The following goal levels unlock these raffle prizes:

  • $25 – Jack Harkness felt doll
  • $40 – a set of 5 felt keychains
  • $50 – Doctor Who cookie cutters
  • $75 – Doctor Who character pillow
  • $100+ – TBD

What is the current goal and raffle prize to unlock?

The current goal is $25 for the raffle for this extremely cute Jack Harkness felt doll made by TRTLoOC member Ruby:

Handmade Felt Cap'n Jack

How much has been raised so far?

New Member Meet & Greet

Are you new to the Real Time Lords? Have you been “lurking” for a while, but have been too nervous or busy to attend our events?

The New Member Meet & Greet is for you!

We’re now hosting regular ‘Meet and Greet’ events to give new(er) members or those who haven’t been to many of our events the opportunity to get your feet wet, without the fear of noisy bars or long waitlists. :-)

At these events, you’ll learn more about other members, their fandom and our group as a whole over a quiet, casual dinner in a low-key environment.


For the Meet & Greet events, we ask that:

• All new and infrequent members try to attend at least one Meet & Greet after joining the group. (It’s not mandatory, but it will be a really good way to break the ice and learn more about the Real Time Lords and our members!)

• Core/Active members give new and newish members first dibs on RSVPs

• Core/Active members can attend, but only if the event is less than 50% full one week from the event date. I will send out an email a week prior to the event encouraging RSVPs.

• Due to the size of our group, individual checks at dinner may not be an option. PLEASE BRING CASH TO PAY FOR YOUR PART OF THE MEAL!

For questions, call Amanda at 949-466-8470, or contact me through Meetup.

We’ll see you there!
Amanda & TRTLoOC

Monthly Meetup – The Olde Ship, Santa Ana

Join us for British Pub Food, Beer and Lots of Fun!

If you love British food and drink in an authentic pub atmosphere, this is the place to be. Meet other members, learn about upcoming events, chat about all things Doctor Who, and maybe even take part in a Who-themed Pub Quiz for prizes!

To find the restaurant:

From the 5 (N or S), exit on 17th Street and head west. At Bristol, make a U-turn and head east, back toward the highway. The restaurant is 1/2 a block down on the right side, just past N Rosewood Ave. and just before the Clinica Del Sagrado Corazon building.

From the 22, exit Bristol south, and turn left on 17th street.

Call if you have trouble finding us: 949-466-8470

Bring cash to pay your portion – there will be no individual checks. If your plans change, please update your RSVP. We ask for 24 hour notice so we can update our reservation. Our no-show policy does apply. Thank you!


~TRTLoOC Team~

Art of the TARDIS Craft Fair (no host)

Taken from Clockwork Couture’s Facebook event page:

Calling all Whovians to “The Art of the TARDIS” at Clockwork Couture on Saturday, April 25th from 12-6 at 707 S. Main Street in Burbank.

Time Lords, Daleks, Weeping Angels…Raxacoricofallapatorius…flaunt your knowledge of the Whoniverse or simply have a cuppa and shop for handmade items created by local craftspeople.

An ode to the Big Blue Box and those that travel with her. Gallery show inside, vendors outside in two parking lots and all kinds of fun. Come join us and celebrate the art of a Time Traveling Police box

Over 25 vendors will offer their unique Dr. Who-themed wares, plus food vendors will gather outside L.A.’s finest Steampunk shop. This free, family-friendly event offers coloring pages for the littlest Who fans. Grab your favorite scarf, bow tie or Sonic Screwdriver and have your photo snapped in a full-size TARDIS or the TARDIS console. Fun for your inner Gallifreyan.


Game Night & Rifftrax’s “Cool as Ice” Viewing

Alright, stop! Collaborate and listen  

Ice is back with my brand new invention!  

That’s right – we’re calling all the beat-boys and beat-girls of TRTLoOC to join us for another night of food, games, and fun as we screen Rifftax’s take on that 1991 classic “Cool as Ice,” starring the incomparable Vanilla Ice! 

Have a favorite tabletop game?  Bring it!  We’ll have several games there – Chrononauts, Munchkin, Star Fluxx, Pandemic, etc – but the more games we have, the better the night will be! 

Schedule of Events: 
  – 4pm-5pm: Welcome / Sign-in  
  – 5pm-8pm: Board Game Spectacular!  
  – 8pm-10pm: Rifftrax “Cool As Ice” viewing!  

Bring $5 cash to the event to help cover the cost of food and party supplies. We’ll provide dinner and munchies as well as non-alcoholic drinks. Alcohol is always welcome – nay encouraged – but please BYOB.

We’ll announce the menu via email prior to the event, but will have items for both meat-eaters and vegetarians alike.

If you’re rollin’ in a 5.0, with the ragtop down so your hair can blow, just remember that parking is limited, so carpooling is encouraged. If you are interested in being a carpoolee or carpooler, let others know by posting in the comments below.  

If there was a problem, yo, I’ll solve it… because this event will abide by all TRTLoOC rules & policies.  Click the following link for more details:  http://www.meetup.com/OCTimeLords/pages/Group_Rules/  

Word to ya mother! 



Nerder Mysteries presents: Doctor Who-Dunnit (no host)

From the Facebook event page:

The Doctor has been accused of murder. Act as the sluething side of his mind and help him discover the truth as NERDER MYSTERIES proudly presents their first MYSTERY DINNER THEATRE; DOCTOR WHO: VOYAGE OF THE DAMNED WHOVIANS.

• Solve the mystery to win Fantastic prizes.

• Collect your personal U.N.I.T. folder as you arrive to look over clues and keep track of each character.

• Enjoy a catered lunch buffet by the Queen Mary crew.

• Your meal includes a list of non-alcoholic drinks.

• A cash bar will also be available.

• Take photos with our full sized TARDIS.

• Take part in a Silent Charity Auction raising money for LUMOS. (100% of the proceeds from the auction will be donated directly to LUMOS.)

Costumes are encouraged! Please come dressed as your favorite Doctor, Companion, Alien, Villain, or Detective. We will be running a costume contest for best dressed!

Parking is FREE and included in your ticket.

After our performance and meal is over, feel free to stay aboard as long as you wish!  You now have the run of the ship and may explore, take photos, watch the sunset from the observation deck, go for drinks in the observation lounge, sign up for one of the ships nightly ghost tours, or dine at one of the many fine restaurants, cafes, or bars aboard.

Tickets are $68.27 (with service fees). Purchase yours here

PLEASE NOTE: This is a no-host event.

Dalek Double Feature! Remembrance of the Daleks/Dalek

Our next screening gives us a double dose of Dalek goodness!

• First, we’ll watch the classic 7th Doctor episode, “Remembrance of the Daleks“. This was the last time the Daleks appeared in the classic series!

London, 1963: The Doctor returns to the place where it all began — alongside his latest companion, Ace, with unfinished business. At Totters Lane junkyard, the Doctor discovers his oldest foes — the Daleks.

• Then, we’ll watch the first appearance of the Daleks in the new series – the 9th Doctor episode, “Dalek“.

The Ninth Doctor and Rose Tyler arrive in 2012 to answer a distress signal and meet a collector of alien artifacts who has one living specimen. However, the Doctor is horrified to find out that the creature is a member of a race he thought was destroyed: a Dalek. 

This event will be hosted at the house of my friend and fellow Meetup Organizer, Heather Hughes, and her family. (She runs the Orange County Board Gamer group, which is awesome: http://www.meetup.com/ocboardgames/) As such, there will be some Doctor Who board games available.

The usual still applies:

• Bring $5 for pizza and drinks/snacks/desserts to share

• We will have the Heart of the Tardis at the event

• The Hughes’ have pets, fyi if you have allergies

No-show/late drop out rules for screenings is in effect (late drop outs will be suspended from attending the next screening

We look forward to seeing you there!

Galliday 2.0 – Jelly Baby Jamboree

What is Galliday? http://www.galliday.com

“Galliday is a Whovian’s delight! Invading Disneyland by the hundreds, eventually by the thousands dressed in your cosplays and fan t-shirts. The event is filled with games and meetups including an all-day photo scavenger hunt which encourages each other to recreate scenes from our favorite episodes, make new friends, and share costume making tips!”

There is no need to register to attend, and we are helping to promote this event (but are not organizing it). But you can sign up here and on Facebook to coordinate with others who are going!

Torchwood/DW Screening: “Everything changes” & “Stolen Earth/Journey’s End”

In celebration of Torchwood descending upon Gallifrey One, we bring you a Torchwood double (sort of) header!

First: the episode that started it all, “Everything Changes”introduces spunky Welsh PD Gwen Cooper who stumbles upon the rogue Torchwood Institute and its leader, Captain Jack Harnkess. Hijinks and sexy times ensue.

(Please note – the Torchwood episode is pretty risque, so if you’re sensitive to that sort of thing you’ve been warned…)

Next: The star- and action-packed Doctor Who two-parter, “Stolen Earth/Journey’s End”, featuring The Doctor, Donna, DoctorDonna, DonnaDoctor, Rose, Martha, Capt. Jack, Gwen, Ianto, Sarah Jane Smith, Mickey, Jackie, Harriet Jones (PM), Davros, and a Dalek cast of… billions, probably. Rejoice at the reunion of 10/Rose, lament at the fate of DoctorDonna, and ship your hearts out when Rose gets a Doctor of her own to take back to Parallel Universe Earth. Yep, I just spoiled it for you.

What you should know about this screening:

• Bring $5 for pizza and drinks/snacks/desserts to share

• We have cats. They will be locked up, but if you have allergies, beware.

No-show/late drop out rules for screenings is in effect (late drop outs will be suspended from attending the next screening

See you there!